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What do books mean to you?

Do you like to read books? Personally, I think books are very important and we can learn a lot from them, regardless of genre. It’s good to be well-read. One should also read a wide variety of books. A lot of knowledge is found in just one book. Last time, everyone could only read up on things. Internets never existed. Encyclopedias were many thick volumes and were difficult to carry around. Nowadays, technology gets more advancd and people own Kindles or iPads and they can either listen to books or download eBooks. Enclyclopedias are now found in a simple e-dictionary. The Internet is used worldwide by people of all ages and you can find anything on it. They’re much lighter than traditional thick books. How quickly technology has developed! Do comment on this post and share¬†any good books that you think everyone should read. What’s your view on this?